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  7. David is always excited about the adventures ahead. He currently spends his time: 1) working on his next venture, Sonix, 2) advising startups, 3) building communities, and 4) working out.


  9. David recently served as the Head of Design and was Employee #1 at Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll), a world-class HR company building payroll and benefits software for small and medium businesses. David has started two previous companies and spent over 8 years helping small businesses market themselves through Internet advertising. He holds an Electrical Engineering and an Economics degree from Stanford University.


  11. In his spare time, David loves photography and specializes in portraiture, sports, and landscapes. He actively helps Bay Area folks celebrate special moments: David is part of the crew for many major fireworks shows. David also has been part of the confetti crew for celebrations including championship parades for the San Francisco Giants 2010, 2012, 2014 & Golden State Warriors 2015.


  13. David loves fitness and teaches spin and flexline classes at WheelHouse, a gym in the Financial District in San Francisco. You'll usually find him riding his road bike through Marin during the summer and skiing in Tahoe during the winter. David loves chocolate, ice cream, and particularly enjoys chocolate ice cream.